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Alexine Thonpson-de Benoit

I have been Tom's client for almost 4 years, after looking for years for someone who could help me with my temperamental back. I have a bulging disk, a tilted pelvis and sacral iliac issues that have been incapacitating. I have tried all sorts of treatments, among which chiropractors, osteopaths and massage therapists. But since finding Tom, I have never looked elsewhere, and have always requested him at the center where he works. my insurance didn't cover, so I would only go when my back was out, but Tom never failed to put me back in place. I have sent my husband and my friends to him with confidence and they have all been amazed at how good he is. I also brought my 7 year old son to him, after a fall from a wall that had him complain of shooting pain down his leg. After seeing Tom for half an hour, the pain was gone and never came back (but my son often asked if he could go back because he liked it so much!). I have often called last minute, and he always found a way to see me, even if he had to face traffic or come to the office just for me. I never felt pressure to schedule more appointments, but always felt his caring and concern for my health. He always makes sure that all the knots in my body are released, rather than making sure he ends on time. He gives me suggestions and exercises to do to maintain the adjustment, and I have to say that over the years, my back has become more stable. I always felt extremely cared for and over the years, Tom has felt more like a friend than a massage therapist. I recently moved overseas for a year and felt very moved by his friendship and support as I wrestled with my decision and of course, felt all the stress in my body. He was a tremendous support through this transition and I will miss him dearly. I give him 5 stars and recommend him without hesitation!
Jin George, Owner at Neuro Rehab Partners, Culver City

Tom has a great feel for Myofascial Release and the other body work techniques that he practices. I will and have recommended him many times.

July 19, 2012, Jim worked directly with Tom at Owner MFR byTom
Richard & Linda Brazas  1/9/14
We have found great relief from long standing pain and discomfort with Tom's myo-fascial release work. He has tended to us with great care for over a year now and we are very greatful!!!
Reginald Cote' CPA
What a treat! Tom Hambright was referred to me by a friend for a massage. I have had many massages before in my lifetime. Never before did I experience a massage like this: the neck, the shoulders between every rib of the back reaching the spine on both sides. I refer to it as an acupressure sensing every trigger point of pain and massaging that spot until the pain spot is dissolved and the pain disappears. In addition, Tom realigns that are often not aligned to each other from both sides. Then usually a general soothing massage of the back with cream to smooth out the areas where the pain was coming from.  
Rosalie Murdock  May 4, 2016
I had suffered with "back" pain for 3 months--really a rotated pelvis. I would have sold all my worldly goods to eliminate it. With Tom, I didn't have to!

Tom has taken almost every John Barnes Myofascial Release course, and he knows where your body needs work--first priority, second and so on. He will straighten your pelvis, eliminating your back pain. In just 3 hours he eliminated *all* of mine! He did incredible work on my neck, shoulders, and upper back, where I have suffered chronic pain for 10 years.
He taught me great stretches to treat tightness all over the body.
His personality is at once calm,  joyful and fun. He delights in his clients, and he's patient and kind, and has an easy laugh.
He is strong--he will work as deeply as you need or prefer; and he's almost psychic, knowing where your body needs work next.
I begged him to move from California to my hometown in Virginia.
That's how good he is.
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